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WordPress Website Security

Your website is just like your phone or computer, it requires regular software updates and security monitoring to ensure it doesn’t get hacked.

When it comes to WordPress security, there are a lot of things you can do to lock down your site and prevent hackers from entering. The last thing you want to happen is to walk up one morning to discover your site in shambles.

Robyn Smart from Smart Robbie is a WordPress expert who shared tips, strategies and techniques you can use to better your WordPress security and stay protected.

What we covered in the WordPress website security talk:

• Why is website security is important
• Keeping your website software updated
• Passwords do’s and don’ts (Lastpass)
• Security Plugins / Limiting Login Attempts
• Scanning your website for malware
• Backups Hosting / SSL / PHP
• Checklist on quick fixes you can do yourself
• Checklist of what you should check with your hosting provider and developer

Robyn also provided “The Ultimate WordPress Maintenance Checklist”.

Leave and Safety Management with a remote/flexible workforce

In this Masterclass, Wendy Jeffery-Lonnie, HR Manager at DFK Gooding Partners in Perth will walk you through:

Annual Leave

  • Vaccinations, can you force them, should you force them,  ‘is NO jab, NO job possible’
  • Annual Leave and quarantine – building this into your AL policy
  • Should you require a RTW plan for border closures
  • Preparation for more travel bubbles and opening up international borders in 2022

Home office set up

  • Essential safety tips
  • Checklists and photo’s – mandatory requirements
  • Mental health checks
  • When your workplace is also your partners workplace, a classroom, crèche and pet zone

Position Descriptions & Flexible Workplaces

In this Masterclass, Wendy Jeffery-Lonnie, HR Manager at DFK Gooding Partners in Perth will walk you through:

Environmental factors in Position Descriptions

  • Looking towards how positions need to be created and described in the future
  • Environmental factors and WHS requirements
  • Understanding the innate requirements of a job
  • Mental health/stress -v- being in a stressful job… how to protect your business from some of the WHS Act impacts

Remuneration factors – does working from home have a value?

  • Discuss some of the trends businesses are putting to the test
  • How to value ‘flexible working‘
  • Why being in the office has value and how to promote that

Managing working from home and productivity

The changing face of the office now means we cannot just go back to “business as usual”. Our staff and teams have new expectations of what that comprises and we need to respond to retain good staff and a positive working space.

In this masterclass Wendy Jeffery-Lonnie introduced a multitude of new ways to think about “traditional” ways of working to close the gap between staff and managerial expectations as we face “the great resignation” post-COVID lockdowns including:

  • Using payroll and productivity data to capture and analyse the difference between working in the office, working from home and working from home when sick or having carer responsibilities
  • Setting your work from home policy criteria, who pays, what are some of the OHS & Award compliance issues
  • Adapting productivity measures to better suit a flexible and remote workforce
  • Creating your ‘get stuff done’ list

Katrina Webb – The Alchemy of self-leadership

Katrina Webb is a Self-Mastery Strategist and in this Virtual session, she helped us too – “Discover the Alchemy of self-leadership to live fully in business and life”.
Some of the highlights were:

  • We are who we are and we can contribute what we can contribute BECAUSE of our experiences, not in spite of them!
  • Cultivate a mindset that looks for the positive – don’t allow our negativity bias to rule….
  • Put together your Support Squad BEFORE the proverbial hits the fan, so you have people you trust to turn to when it does…
  • Practice metacognition – reflect on your thinking to strengthen and learn from, your decisions
  • We ALL have misbeliefs – it’s not about never having doubt (Will I be good enough, what will people think of me, what if I fail?) it’s about being connected to your values and managing your mind so you can move forward in spite of those thoughts….
  • Don’t expend your cognitive capacity FIGHTING your perceived “weaknesses” – instead, accept them, and turn to your unique strengths * And ask yourself, what crisis will it take to have you make the changes you need to make so you can do the things you REALLY want to do? Why wait for a crisis?…

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Effective Communication within teams

When People work in teams, their impact is magnified be it positively or negatively. This makes it critical to have a team of people that functions and communicates effectively and efficiently.

So, what makes a high performing team?

High performing teams are built on effective conversations and dynamics that allow them to show vulnerability and trust, engage in productive conflict, have peer to peer accountability and a joint focus on collective results; all of which may be easier to say than achieve.

In this session, we dived into these and other factors, that together, combine to improve effective communication within teams.