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Developing strong Workplace cultures and values

We’ve all seen and heard about some poor workplace cultures, values and behaviours highlighted by the media in workplaces large and small over the last few weeks and months, and they’re not limited to companies only.

Whether you’re a public servant, you work in a multinational company, SME or voluntary organisation, the behaviours we allow, set the foundations for the culture created.

In this webinar, we explored what makes up workplace culture, and provided valuable insights and tactics about what we can all do as individuals and as teams to create and maintain the workplace culture we want.

Jo Hanlon – How to create a successful mindset

Catch up on this replay from Jo Hanlon – Mentoring, Coaching and Advisory on How to Create a Successful Mindset and understand your Mindset Mosaic. Jo will walk you through the 6 key areas of your mindset mosaic including

  • Self Knowledge
  • Your Feelings
  • Holistic Self Care
  • Your Why
  • Your Tribe
  • Your Agile Plans

Funnels & Lead Generation: Adventure Digital

Catch up on our 3 part webinar series on the Lead Generation process and understand a funnel.  Presented by Leanne o’Sullivan from Adventure Digital, this first webinar covers the following

  • What is a funnel?
  • Why you need to nurture leads as well as initially attract them.
  • Target Audience – getting clear on who you are targeting and what they really care about
  • Understanding the reality of traffic metrics – what is your current conversion rate? What is your current traffic metrics, what are people currently engaged with (email, socials, website)
  • Where are your current prospects coming from?
  • The lifecycle of a campaign – What is your end goal – and how do we work back from that goal.

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Content that feeds your Funnel: Adventure Digital

Part 2 of our 3 part webinar series on Lead Generation and the funnel process. In this webinar, Leanne O’Sullivan from Adventure Digital walks you through the key pieces of content you need to ensure the success of any lead generation and funnel process including

  • How to craft relevant blog content.
  • How to craft engaging & timely emails
  • Where are you sending people and what are you asking them to do?


Adventure Digital – Funnel Tech Stack

Part 3 of our webinar series on Lead Generation and the funnel process from Adventure Digital. This final piece covers off the tech stack required.

  • Landing Page Software – website/email software or a platform like Leadpages
  • Automations & Tracking – what is your email marketing platform, are you using it effectively, or just sending out a monthly newsletter – are you utilising if/then options
  • Ads – Facebook/Google – top of funnel brand awareness (Facebook), list building (FB), conversion – Google Ads/Retargeting/LinkedIn

Succession Planning

This Masterclass within the DFKANZ “Better Business Series” will update you with vital guidance to look to the future and build your business towards a logical transition.

We covered:

* What is a succession plan and why every business owner needs one
* Internal and external succession options
* Essential steps involved in developing a strong plan framework
* Major challenges you will face and how to overcome them
* Navigating the tax and structure implications
* Understanding the core business valuation guidelines
* Creating a clear action plan for smooth implementation

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